4 reasons to introduce aronia juice in your children’s diet

sucul de aronia

Known worldwide for its healing properties, aronia juice has many benefits for children.

From the defense of the immune system and protection against colds, to the increase of energy and power of concentration, this wonder juice is indispensable in a healthy and tasty diet.

Read on and discover all the benefits of natural aronia juice for your little ones.

Defends and strengthens the immune system

Aronia contains many vitamins and minerals essential for children’s development.

Whether we are talking about vitamins such as A, B, C, P, K and Q or minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and manganese – they play a central role in defending the immune system.

Thanks to them, children’s immunity increases, and the body can successfully fight viruses, bacteria and microbes that threaten their health.

For a degree of extra protection, we recommend that you supplement the aronia juice with a suitable sleep program.

Sleep is one of the most important factors that influence children’s immunity, because it allows the recovery of tissues affected by viruses and bacteria.

The 8 hours a day are not such a fad, but often a necessity. 🙂

Provides protection against flu and colds

Did you know that 61 ml of aronia juice a day provides the recommended daily dose of vitamin C for children over 4 years and for adults?

This is the conclusion of a study conducted at the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest.

By far the most popular vitamin of all, vitamin C has earned its place on the podium due to its health benefits.

It is an essential vitamin for the growth and development of children, actively contributing to the treatment of colds, flu and respiratory infections.

At the same time, it speeds up the healing process, and doctors often prescribe it to strengthen the immune system.

Thus, when it comes to colds and flu, vitamin C is like a shield for the little ones.

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sucul de aronia

Increases energy and concentration

Aronia juice is an excellent source of iodine, having an amount 3-4 times higher than any other berry.

And since the body cannot produce iodine on its own, we can only find this healthy trace element in various foods.

Iodine is beneficial for both adults and children, being especially important for infants and pregnant women.

Its regular consumption:

  • Its regular consumption:
  • Increases the daily dose of energy;
  • Increases the concentration power of the little ones;
  • Removes toxins from the body;
  • Even reduces the risk of cancer.

Ensures good digestion and healthy intestinal transit

Although low in calories, aronia juice is rich in nutrients and dietary fiber.

Now, you may not hear children say that they can’t wait for the next portion of dietary fiber, but it’s important to know that they play an essential role in digestion.

They manage to fight bloating, diarrhea and constipation, while ensuring a healthy intestinal transit.

With the help of fibers:

  • The digestive system works more efficiently;
  • Children have a better intestinal transit;
  • The feeling of fatigue decreases;
  • Weight remains within normal parameters (high fiber foods are satiating and decrease appetite).

Therefore, they may not be as tasty as an ice cream, but you can be sure that they are healthier. 🙂

As you can see, aronia juice has many benefits for the little ones. Order it right now and include it in your little ones’ diet!

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Important: aronia juice has no contraindications

We are often asked if aronia juice has contraindications or side effects.

The short answer is NO, being a 100% natural juice, without additives, preservatives, sugar or dyes. 🙂

We produce it by cold pressing, with aronia fruits grown with care and patience on an ecologically certified plantation.

Their cultivation protects the environment, because there are no chemicals to contaminate the soil. And the quality of the fruit is clearly superior, thus retaining all its healing properties.

However, we have 2 important clarifications:

  1. The juice can be consumed long-term by both adults and children over 1 year.
  2. And for a degree of extra safety, we recommend that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers consult with their family doctor before including it in their daily diet.

What parents say about aronia juice

To date, thousands of families have consumed this healthy juice due to its benefits for the body and mind.

Here is their opinion:

“Aronia juice is not missing in our family for 6 months already! We are glad that we found such a pure and concentrated juice without any other additives! Thank you!” — Cerasela

“The whole family consumes aronia juice and we feel full of energy. I will definitely order again. ” — Gheorghe

“Aronia juice is extraordinary. After almost 4 months of daily consumption, the intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants has had spectacular effects on the skin, teeth and immunity of both me and my 15-year-old child who generally consumes very little fruit. ” — Sabina

The best natural juice! My family and I consume it with great pleasure and we feel full of energy! I recommend with the utmost confidence! Thank you for existing Aronia! ” — Mădălina

“Excellent! I have been drinking aronia juice with my family for four months and in addition to being very tasty, it also gives us energy. ” — Sorina

“I recommend it to everyone, it fills you with vitality and energy, and the benefits of this fruit seem unlimited to me. We’ve been using it for over a year now. The whole family consumed the juice, and more recently the pills. The recommended daily dose of 4 capsules keeps you active all day. ” — Alina

Introduce aronia juice into your children’s diet and take care of their health

As you have seen, natural aronia juice has many benefits for the little ones.

With a daily dose of 100ml, the juice:

  • Defends and strengthens the immune system
  • Provides protection against flu and colds
  • Increases energy and concentration
  • Ensures good digestion and healthy intestinal transit

In addition, it has no contraindications and can be consumed by children over 1 year.

Click on the picture below and order the aronia juice right now:

sucul de aronia

And if you want to do good, we invite you to recommend it to your friends.

Although it is a juice with dozens of health properties, it is still not very well known in Romania.

Help your loved ones to discover it faster and take care of the naughty ones that make their life more beautiful. 🙂


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