Commercial Identification

SC ARONIA CHARLOTTENBURG SRL is a Romanian company, located in Charlottenburg, registered with the Trade Register under number J35/940/2015, tax code 34419977, phone 0728976663, email aronia-charlottenburg.ro

Site – defined by the domain name www.ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, its subdomains and the entire domain and subdomains contents.

Contact info:
Charlottenburg, nr.2, Com. Bogda,
Timis, Romania
Phone: +04 728 976 633
Trade Registration Number: J35/940/2015
Tax code: RO34419977


Content, in the sense of current terms of service, will be defined as:

    • Any information on the WEBSITE that can be visited, browsed or accessed using numerical equipment;
    • Any email contents, sent by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, to their CLIENTS by electronic means and/or any other means of communications available;
    • Any information sent by any means, by an ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO employee, to any of the website’s CLIENTS, by means of contact information, specified by them or not;
    • Information regarding the products, services and/or prices used by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO at a specific period of time;
    • Information regarding the products, services and/or prices used by a third party which ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO have signed partnership contracts with, for a specific period of time;
    • Information regarding ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, or any other privileged information they may have.

CAMPAIGN – The action of commercially promoting, exclusively by electronic means and only through the website, a finite number of products with limited and predefined stock, for a period of time decided by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO.

SERVICE – Electronically commercial service, defined as providing the CLIENT with the means of buying products and/or services using exclusively electronic means of purchase.

MEMBER – Private individual that gains access to CONTENT, by any means of communication provided by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO (electronically, by phone, etc), through a terms of use accord made between ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO and CLIENT and which requires the creation and usage of an ACCOUNT.

ACCOUNT – An ensemble defined by an email address and a password which grants a sole user access to restricted areas of the WEBSITE, through which they can initiate the SERVICE/buying process.

CLIENT – Private individual that has the rank of MEMBER of ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO and/or an individual that has placed at least one order on the website.

DOCUMENT – The current Terms and Conditions

Long Distance CONTRACT – According to O.G. 34/2014 any contract closed between a professional and a consumer by means of an organized purchase system or provision of service, without the need for a simultaneous physical presence by either the professional or the consumer, and by exclusively communicating at long distance through various means, up to and including the closing moments of a contract;

NEWSLETTER / ALERT – Periodical means of information, sent exclusively electronic, respectively electronic mail (e-mail, SMS), about the products, services and/or promotions provided by ARONIA-CHATTENBURG.RO at a specific period of time, with no restrictions on ARONIA-CHATTENBURG.RO in regards to its contents.

TRANSACTION – receiving or returning a sum of money resulted from a sale or the promise to sell a product / service provided by ARONIA-CHATTENBURG.RO to the CLIENT, by utilizing the ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO integrated card payment processing service, regardless of means of delivery;


Products acquired in the online shop can be paid for online, by credit card or paid on delivery (for home deliveries). All online payments are processed by MobilPay. Your order will be delivered only after payment confirmation.
For bank transfer payments, after finalizing the type of order where you opted into such a payment option, you will receive a proforma invoice which contains all the necessary information that needs to be filled into the payment order. Delivery of product will be made after payment confirmation. For collaboration purposes and in order for your product to be delivered as soon as possible, we kindly ask you to send us a copy of the payment order.
Paid on delivery is made at the time of delivery. If the product is to be delivered by courier, payment will be made by the person that requested the delivery.


We provide the following methods of delivery: GLS (entire country coverage), direct delivery (only in Timișoara)
Delivery usually takes 2-3 working days, or 10 calendaristic days at most, starting from when the CLIENT has finalized the ORDER, with the exception where participants have convened otherwise.

For package pick up at location, please inform us of the date and time of package retrieval, by phone or e-mail with a 24 hours notice at the very least.
For courier delivery you incur a tax payment calculated according to the delivery service pricing policy.

Orders over 200 RON are eligible for free delivery.

If the products are delivered to your personal home address, the couriers will attempt to deliver them twice. After two attempts of delivery the order will be returned to our shop. After finalizing the order, you will be contacted by phone or by sms/e-mail by one of our representatives for order confirmation.


COMPANY will deliver the products to CLIENT’s home address or any other address provided by them, respecting the website’s official terms of delivery for ordered products, after finalizing the order, usually within 2 working days, or 14 calendaristic days at most, starting from when the CLIENT has finalized the ORDER, with the exception where the participants have convened otherwise.


Respecting legislative law, the user has the right to notify the seller, in writing, of their order cancellation, without penalties and without specific reason, within 30 working days of receiving their order, accepting to support the incurring return costs.

We highlight the fact that, in cases where a product return is requested, and they present damaged or incomplete packaging, or the sealed products are damaged, respectively they show signs of usage, we reserve the right to decide whether or not to accept the return delivery or withhold a sum of money out of the product’s value, calculated after damage evaluation.

When exercising the legal right of returning a product, reimbursement of the product value will be made within 30 days of the product return.


The name Aronia Charlottenburg or Aronia Charlottenburg are trademarks registered by Aronia Charlottenburg SRL. Reproduction, copy of, usage or application of said trademark without prior authorization from ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO is considered a breach of law and will be pursued within the legal rights.


The entire content of ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO website – images, texts, graphs, symbols, graphic elements, scripts, programs and other data – is property of ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO and their providers and are protected by Copyright Laws and laws regarding intellectual and industrial property. The use, without consent from ARONIA-CHATTENBURG.RO, of any of the elements listed above is punishable by legislative law.

A Member or Client can copy, transfer and/or utilize content only in a personal or non-commercial way, as long as they do not breach the website’s terms of service.

Any of the content sent by a Member or Client, through any means of communication (electronic, by phone, etc) or gathered through website access, browsing and/or visualization is not to be considered a contractual obligation on ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO and/or an ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO employee that made possible the transfer of such content, if eligible, regarding said content.

Any usage of Content is strictly forbidden in every way aside from the ones specifically permitted by this document and the rights of usage it allows, where eligible.

For any notices regarding copyright please contact us at: admin@ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO


ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO publishes identification and contact info on their website with the purpose of informing Clients and Members.

By using the contact form or the services available on the website, the Member or Client agrees to be contacted by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO through any means available, including electronic means, respectively electronic mail (e-mail, SMS).

Sending complete or even partial information through the contact forms does not imply any legal engagement on behalf of ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO to contact the Member or Client.

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO reserves the right to not respond to solicitations of any kind, which are not related to the products/services presented on the website or a completed contract with a Member or Client, received by any means of communication (electronic, phone, SMS, etc)


The moment a Member or Client creates an Account on the Website, accepts the Document (Terms and Services) and they Subscribe to the Newsletter or SMS Alerts, it will be considered as deliberate consent to receive newsletters and/or alerts from ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, sent by electronic mail (e-mail). The option regarding Client or Member consent, can be modified at any moment, within the legal rights noted at 5.3.

Information gained from Member or Client, by means of sending out newsletters and/or alerts, can be used by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO within the limits of the confidentiality policy.

Unsubscribing from the newsletter and/or alerts by a Member or Client can be done at any moment by request to ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, by Member or Client, owner of the Member or Client account that initiates the modification/actualization.

Law nr. 506 from 2004, regarding the implementation of ePrivacy Directive in Romania permits companies like ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, which have clients that have purchased products or services, to send said clients commercial news about other products or services similar to the ones they have already purchased. In this case, there’s no need for consent on behalf of CLIENT, rather the mention of the client’s right to oppose receiving such commercial news.

Unsubscribing from the newsletter and/or alerts does not revoke the consent given when accepting the Terms of Service.


This policy highlights ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO policy in regards to:

      1. Usage (including collecting, saving, usage, divulgation, and transfer) of Member or Client’s personal information;
      2. The requirements for obtaining consent from the selected persons.
      3. This policy defines the way personal information information is processed (as defined above) and highlights additional requirements for using the special categories of personal information (e.g. sensible personal information – as well, defined below)

Fundamental definitions

What is personal information?

Personal information includes any information that can, directly or indirectly, identify a person, for example: name, e-mail, any other contact information, their job, psychometric test results, managerial information. Additionally, it may include information that is more difficult to attribute to a person, such as the social security number, IP address, or an online identifier (username, nickname, etc)

What are the special categories of information?

“Special category information” is information with personal character tied with any type of the following data: racial and ethnic origin; political opinions; religious, philosophical or similar beliefs; syndicate partnerships; mental and physical health; genetic data; biometric data used to identify a physical person (including photos used for identification); sexual life or orientation; infractions (real or presumed) or litigiousness of any kind of infraction. Romania also has special rules for usage of unique special identification personal information (social security number). (For clarity, “special categories of personal information” was known, in the past, as “sensitive personal data”.)

What is processing?

“Processing” has a wide definition,and includes almost any activity that entails, in any way, personal information, including obtaining, visualizing, storing and divulging this information.

Who is the Data Subject?

For the purpose of this Policy, a “Data Subject” is a live person which has their personal information processed by Aronia Charlottenburg. Every Data Subject has personal information rights.

What is consent?

“Consent” given by a Data Subject is defined as a clear and informed indication of consent given without force by the Data Subject which allows their personal information to be processed. This can be provided through a declaration given by the individual, or through a check or opt-in option. Particularly, consent cannot be given implicitly through actions or behaviours. You can read more about Data Subject consent in section 9.

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO collects personal information through their website’s pages, only with voluntary consent given by a Member or Client, for the following purposes:

      • validation, delivery and order billing;
      • resolving order cancellation or any problems of any nature in regards to an order or a contract, for services or products purchased by an individual;
      • the ensure access to service;
      • sending out periodical newsletters and/or alerts, through electronic mail (e-mail, SMS) and/or phone calls;
      • means of contact, on voluntary request;
      • means of contact regarding Relations & Services issues;

By creating an Account, each Member or Client expresses their consent that ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO is allowed to collect and manage their personal information, respecting the conditions and rules of law 667/2001.

Any Member or Client has the right to obtain the following information from ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, through a sign and dated written request, free of charge:

      1. confirmation whether or not their personal information is being processed;
      2. depending on the case, the correction, actualization, blocking or deletion of any personal information that is not allowed to be processed by law, especially incomplete or inexact information;
      3. depending on the case, anonymization of personal information that is not allowed to be processed by law;
      4. notification to third parties to whom personal information has been divulged as a result of actions specified in lit. b) or c), if this type of notification proves to be attainable or does not presume a disproportionate effort in regards to the legitimate interest that could be damaged.

By voluntary registration on ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO website or accessing (ordering) products/services from ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, Member or Client accepts (and gives consent) to personal information processing by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO within their own system, both manual and automatic, for the purposes listed at point 6.1, conforming with art.5 line.1 from Law nr. 677/2001 regarding the protection and processing of personal information. If Member or Client does not agree with the processing of their personal information by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, they have the right to NOT use the website and deny ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO their personal information. Any Member or Client has the right to object at any point, with reasonable and legitimate reasons regarding their particular situation, by sending ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO a signed and dated written request that states so, exception being the cases where a conflicting legal opposition exist.
In the case of a justified request, the personal information will not be processed.

Any Member or Client has the right to decline their personal information be used for direct marketing purposes, or divulged to third parties for a similar purpose, at any moment, free of charge and without any justification by sending a signed and dated written request to ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO.

Client has the right to oppose the collection of personal information and solicit their deletion, revoking the consent given through this document, and implicitly renouncing any rights specified within this document, without any prior obligation from any party towards the other and without any party requesting damage-interests payments from one another.

In order to exercise the rights listed in art. 6.2, a Client or Member can address ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO through any means of written communication.

VISA and Mastercard are accepted for online payments, issued by their respective banking institutions, with the condition that the issuing banks have them enabled for online payments.

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO does not solicit or store information regarding the Client’s payment or credit cards in any way. These are processed directly through the online payment processor’s servers.

The ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO confidentiality policy refers to the information provided voluntarily by Client or Member exclusively through the website.

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO is not eligible for the confidentiality policy practiced by any other third party that are reached through outbound links, regardless of their nature.

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO is responsible in using the personal information gathered from Client/Member only for the purposes they have stated and to not publish, sell, rent, license, transfer, etc. their database containing data referring to personal or special information of Member/Client to a third party that’s uninvolved in achieving those purposes.

Exceptions to the laws listed in art 6.7 are eligible only if the transfer / access / visualization / etc is requested by the empowered entities, in the specific cases listed by the active laws at the time of the event.

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO guarantees that the personal information of any client/user/member, collected through the contact form, will be used only to fix issues raised by them, after which it will become purely statistical information.

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO is not responsible for any damages that could endanger the server security on which the personal information database is stored on.


General information collected by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO collects information and data that may allow the identification of private or professional individuals (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, tax identification data). These are necessary for payment processors to be able to invoice the value of an order and deliver the ordered products. Third parties that have access to this information are: delivery companies, payment processors, email marketing services. If you wish for your personal information to be removed from our database, you can notify us at any time through email at contact@ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO or by phone: +40728976663

    1. Cookie Usage PolicyThis policy refers to cookies on the website operated by ARONIA CHARLOTTENBURG SRL. (from here on out referred to as ARONIA CHARLOTTENBURG).2. What are cookies?A cookie is a small sized file, comprised of letters and numbers, stored on a computer, mobile terminal or any other equipment an individual uses to access the internet. Cookies are installed by sending out a request from a web server to a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) and is completely passive (it DOES NOT contain software, viruses or spyware and it can not access information or any other confidential data on an individual’’s hard drive)3.What are cookies used for?These files make the user’s terminal recognition possible and present the content in a relevant mode, adapted to the user’s preferences. Cookies assure the user a good navigation experience and help Aronia Charlottenburg efforts to constantly improve their services for their users: e.g. preferences in matters of online confidentiality, shopping cart or relevant ads.
      These cookies are used to store the user’s username, passwords and preferences, to monitorize their browsing pattern on the website and to personalize the web pages depending on the visitor. Built into any web browser is the option to delete “cookies” from your hard drive, to block “cookies” or to receive a message when a “cookie” is stored on your computer. The moment you accept the storage of cookies, ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO will use those cookies to ensure a good navigation experience on our website, memorize your shopping code, password and IP for traffic data.

      4. What type of cookies are used?

      There are two types of cookies generally used: per session or fixed. The former are temporary files that are stored on the user’s terminal for the duration of their browsing session and until closing the application (web browser). Fixed cookie files stay on the user’s terminal for a period of time specified in the cookie parameters or until the user deletes them manually.

      Cookies used by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO are: Google Analytics, Facebook Login, Remarketing, Globessl, Pinterest, Profitshare, 2Performant, Google Experiments, Twitter, Google Adwords, Connectoo, Doubleclick, Hotjar.

      Third parties that have access to traffic data provided through cookies used by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO are the delivery companies: Fan Courier, Urgent-Cargus, GLS, DHL; email marketing services: Mailchimp; online payment processors: mobilPay.

      5. How are cookies used by this website?

      A visit on our website can install cookies for the following purposes:
      * Website performance cookies
      * Visitor analysis cookies
      * Geo-targeting cookies
      * Registration cookies
      * Ads cookies
      * Ad provider cookies

      6. Do cookies contain personal information?

      Cookies by themselves do not require personal information in order to be used, and in most cases, they do not personally identify individuals on the internet. Personal information collected through cookies can be collected only to facilitate specific functions for an individual. Such information is encoded in a way that makes it impossible for unauthorized individuals to gain access to them.

      7. Deleting cookies

      Generally, an app used to access web pages implicitly allows the storage of cookies on the terminal. These settings can be modified so that the automated management of cookies can be blocked by the browser or the user to be informed each time a cookie is sent to their terminal. Detailed information about these options and ways of managing cookies can usually be found in the app’s settings (web browser). Limiting cookies can affect certain web browser functionalities.

      8. Why are cookies important for the Internet?
      Cookies represent a central point of the Internet’s efficient functioning, helping to generate a friendly navigation experience and adapting the preferences and interests of each user. Refusal or deactivation of cookies does not mean you won’t be able to receive online ads anymore, only that these might not be as relevant to your preferences and interests anymore.

      Examples of important cookie usage (which do not require the user’s authentication through an account):
      * Content and services adapted to the user’s preferences regarding categories of products and services.
      * Offers tailored to the user’s interests, password storage.
      * Retaining child protection browsing preferences (family mode options, safe search functions).
      * Limiting the frequency of ad display, limiting the number of ad display for a specific user on a website.
      * Providing more relevant ads for the users.
      * Measurement, optimization and analytics characteristics such as confirming a certain level of traffic on a website, what type of content is viewed and the way a user ends up on the website (e.g. through search engines, directly, from other websites, etc.). Websites run these analytics to further improve their services for the benefit of the user.

      Types of cookies

      Necessary Cookies

      Necessary cookies help in making a website accessible by activating base functions, like page navigation and access to restricted areas of the website.

      The website can not function properly without these cookies.

      Examples of cookies implemented by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO:

      • Consent request cookie – Stores the user’s choice to utilize cookies on the current domain.
      • Account login – Used to identify the user in the database and allows him authentication
      • Shopping cart – Used to store and display products added to the shopping cart.
      • Hide Messages – Used to hide certain messages such as: teaser/pop-up newsletter subscription request, messages regarding late product deliveries, marketing messages such as discount vouchers, online chat, etc.

      Preference Cookies

      Preference Cookies allow a website to store information that gets modified in accordance to how a website behaves or looks, such as your favorite language or the region in which you are located.

      Examples of cookies implemented by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO:

      • Product ordering – Used to store or modify the ordering of products in categories
      • Listing display – Used to store or modify the type of selected products listed in categories, for example: list format, table format.
      • Number of products per page – Used to store or modify the number of products displayed on a page.

      Statistic Cookies

      Statistic Cookies helps the owners of a website understand the way users interact with the website by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

      Examples of cookies implemented by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO:

      • >Referral (ref) – Used to store the medium of promotion through which a user accessed the website
      • Analytics – Used to measure traffic generated by the website and understand how users interact with it
      • Experiments – Used to display a different type of content on the website in order to improve user experience
      • Affiliate – Used to store the affiliate through which a user has reached the website and finalized an order

      Marketing Cookies

      Marketing cookies are used to follow a user from website to website with the intent of displaying more relevant and engaging ads to individual users, and as such being more valuable to ad agencies and third parties that use promotional ads.

      Examples of cookies implemented by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO:

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