Notice regarding personal information processing (GDPR) ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO

The document below is a notice in regards to the way we use your personal information and contains explanations on what we use this data for, for what purposes, for how long, who has access to it and what your rights are concerning the processed data.


What company manages ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG?

Charlottenburg, nr.2, Com. Bogda,
Timis, Romania
Phone: +04 728 976 633
Trade Registration Number: J35/940/2015
Tax code: RO34419977

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO is an online shop. To accomplish this, we come into contact with our website visitors that wish, by their own initiative, to place orders. Afterwards we process the data and initiate the delivery of orders registered on the website. We also run marketing/promotional campaigns to attract buyers for various products and other personal information processing data explained further below.

As such, the document below is very important, as it explains why we need certain personal information data in order to provide certain services. We kindly ask that you read it carefully, as we have explained a series of principles and concepts useful both in interacting with our website but also with the general online medium.

Further below we will explain what rights you have in regards to your personal information that we process, as well as what actions you can take to further understand and control the volume of personal information which is processed in the online medium.

Contact information

Please send us any questions you have regarding the protection of data and any other requests about exercising your legal rights at the following:

Phone: +40728976663
Company address: Charlottenburg, Nr.2, Timis

What is personal information data?

According to GDPR, “personal information data” means any information regarding an identified or identifiable private individual (“Data Subject”). An identifiable private individual is a person that can be identified, directly or indirectly, especially in reference to an element of identification, like name, identification number, localization data, online identifier or by one or more specific elements, like physiological, genetic, psychic, economic, cultural or social status, unique to their individual identity.

There is no personal information data list, and GDPR does not impose on states to generate such a list, for the very simple reason that one piece of data can become personal information in certain contexts, while in others it can simply be a piece of information devoid of value with no personal information characteristic.

Here’s some examples of personal information data:

  • Name;
  • An individual’s domicile or living space;
  • Email address (including addresses like john.doe@company.com)
  • ID or Passport serial number;
  • Data regarding location (e.g., localization function on a mobile phone)*;
  • IP address;
  • Cookie ID;
  • A person’s silhouette from a CCTV recording;
  • A car’s license plate

As you can see, personal information data definition contains a few more important elements:

Personal data means information about private individuals, not public ones. This distinction is important because, for example, the Commerce Registrar registration number, or the Tax Code, or any other identification elements for larger companies are not data with personal information characteristics. Additionally, when an email address or a phone number is clearly associated with a public individual (e.g. emails like office@ or a company’s public call center phone number), these are obviously not personal information data.
Whether the personal information processing is made manually or through an automated system is irrelevant, as long as it is part of a structured system of data accounting.

The only important part is that we discuss the processing of such a type of data.

For a better understanding of what personal information data is, please read Op. nr.4 from 2007 regarding the concept of personal information data, released by the Working Group Art. 29.

To simplify the above definition, we can conclude that personal information data is data that refers to a live person that can be identified using said data or, starting with said data and
using additional information which already is or can enter into the data operator’s possession.

Information that we collect

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO collects personal information in two important ways:

Information provided directly by you, through ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO forms (e.g. as a result of registering as a member of the ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO community, soliciting a ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO service, placing an order on the website or subscribing to the ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO newsletters).

Information we obtain when you use our services (for example, we process your newsletter interaction history to better understand and limit our newsletter to topics that you’re interested in, you order history, etc.)

Information provided by you, directly

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO uses forms through which you can create an account, place orders, leave reviews or subscribe to informative newsletters provided by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO. These forms include fields such as your name, email address, phone number, password, details regarding your product delivery address, invoicing information, etc.

We use this data to give you access to our website and delivery you products and services that you’ve chosen to receive (ordered products, newsletters, etc.) The legal baseline for this processing is the entering and execution of a contract that you are part of (any time that you take the actions listed above, or you agree with the terms and conditions of provision for those services) or your consent for commercial communication sent to you, with no mention of products or services similar to those you already acquired from us, where we are within our rights to send commercial communication (but we will always give you the option to unsubscribe from such communication).

We might also require additional tax information, if we are compelled by law to submit tax declarations regarding our products and services ordered by you. In this case, we will refer to your address (necessary to be added to the tax invoice), but also other tax data that is required by law to be collected and processed in regards to the transaction in question. In this case, the legal onus for processing will be represented by the obligation of obeying the legislative law.

We do not use your personal information to send you marketing news unless you explicitly opt into such a means of communication. Even in such cases, we assure you that you have an easy option of unsubscribing (removal of consent) at any time, either within the communication itself, or contacting us by email or phone.

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO also offers the possibility of sending us messages. Information that you send through such means of contact is processed based on our genuine interest to respond to your requests and/or keep an archive of your complaints, your consultation requests and similar. This data is stored for 5 years.


ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO automatically collects specific information which is stored in their traffic reports. Such information may contain the IP of the device you are using to browse our website, the region or local area from where you access our website from, as well as the type of browser, operating system or the devices you are using to access the website. Additionally, it collects a history of the web pages you access.

We use this data in our own legitimate interest to observe if our web pages correspond to your device’s display needs, diagnose potential server problems when web page information is being sent to specific devices, analyse trends and observe how to better improve navigation for our users.

Additionally, we collected demographic statistics which help us identify ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO user’s preferences.
ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO also uses cookies, which you can read more about, below.

Cookies and other similar technologies

In the internet’s early days, websites did not have a memory. As such, the first versions of websites did not have a log in feature. For online shops, using helpful services like the shopping cart was not possible. They also did not have any helpful mechanisms which could have helped the user and the website identify each other on repeat visits.

Cookies were invented to remedy exactly this type of problem. They are small text files, stored on the user’s terminal, that play the role of a memory bank for the website. Any time a person visits a specific website, the cookie that’s placed on the user’s terminal can write and read all kinds of information the visitor already sent to the website, directly or indirectly. These allowed for the developing of other technologies that serve a similar purpose. We tried explaining such a technology below.

Cookies are small text files stored on the computer or mobile device when accessing a website. “Direct” cookies are stored by the domains that you visit at that time (e.g. ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO). “Third party” cookies are stored by any other domains other than the website you visit at the time (e.g. any other domain than ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO).

The mobile advertising code is a unique identifier (ID) decided by your mobile device’s operating system. This ID helps the apps installed on the device, which may contain ads, to recognize you. The majority of devices give apps access to the mobile advertising ID by default. Even so, you can modify the device’s settings and restrict the device’s ability to share this code with various apps.
Please see the “Help” section for operating systems to find out more about the mobile advertising ID management. On Android, Ad means the Android advertising ID, on iOS devices it means advertising agent ID (IDFA).

Most cookies can be included in one of the categories below:

(a) Strictly Necessary: these cookies are essential to providing the services you request. Without them, the website can not function or deliver services (login, shopping cart, etc.)

(b) Performance: these cookies collect information about the way a visitor browses and uses the website, like which are the most popular pages, which method of connection between pages is the most efficient and if the users encounter any error messages while browsing. These cookies allow us to offer a high quality experience to our visitors, as well as measure pageviews on ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO. Information collected by these cookies do not identify the users. These are created to improve the function of our website.

This website uses Google Analytics, an internet traffic analysis program provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies to help ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO analyse the way users browse the website. Information generated by cookies about the usage of website ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO (including the IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google.

Google will use this information for the purpose of analysing your usage of ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, compile reports regarding the website’s activity and provide other services related to ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO. Google may also send this information to third parties, if it is requested by law or if the third parties are authorized to process this information on Google’s behalf. Google will not associate your IP address with other data they may have. You can refuse the usage of cookies by choosing the appropriate settings in your browser. Even so, we remind you that if you do this, it may be possible that the entire website’s functionality may not work as intended.

ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO has their IP anonomization function activated, so that your IP address can not be used by Google for other purposes except those necessary to analyse ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO traffic.

(c) Functional: these cookies retain the choices you make, in order to improve your browsing experience.

(d) Directional and advertising cookies: these cookies collect information about your navigation patterns in order to make advertising relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times an ad is displayed, as well as helping measure an advertising campaign’s efficiency.

What type of cookies are used?

There are two types of cookies generally used: per session or fixed. The former are temporary files that are stored on the user’s terminal for the duration of their browsing session and until closing the application (web browser). Fixed cookie files stay on the user’s terminal for a period of time specified in the cookie parameters or until the user deletes them manually.

Cookies used by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO are: Google Analytics, Facebook Login, Remarketing, Trusted, Globessl, Pinterest, Profitshare, 2Performant, Google Experiments, Twitter, Google Adwords, Mailchimp, Doubleclick, Hotjar.

Third parties that have access to traffic data provided through ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO cookies are: While(1) Software; Delivery companies: Fan Courier, Urgent-Cargus, GLS; Email marketing services: Mailchimp; Online payment processors: Payu.

Other services used: chat service Manychat, Omniconvert.

Your options regarding cookies

You can adjust the confidentiality settings in your browser to block all cookies; doing so may gravely affect your navigation experience, rendering many websites unable to function properly. Your browser gives you the option to delete all cookie modules upon closing the application. This option, however, leads to deleting all persistent cookies, which normally store your personal preferences and settings for the websites you frequently browse. Lastly, your browser allows you to specify which cookie modules and for which specific websites you will always want to keep, and which ones are never authorized to use cookies.

More details about the cookie deletion or cookie management for different internet browsers can be found by accessing the links below:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics, please visit the following link:


IAB has built the following website in order to provide specific information about confidentiality issues regarding internet advertising: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/ro/

Information about the way organizations use cookie modules can be found here: www.allaboutcookies.org


Who do we send this information to

We will share your personal information only for the purposes and to the third parties listed below. We will take adequate measures to ensure that the personal information is processed, secured and transferred according to active law.

Sharing to companies within the ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO group

Your personal information may be shared with any third party company that is a member of our group, if we decide it is in our legitimate interest that it may be helpful towards internal administrative purposes (for example, CRM) or for auditing and monitoring our internal processes.

We can also transfer your personal information between companies within our group, companies that provide us products and services, such as IT systems. Access to your personal information is limited to employees on a need to know basis and may include employees from the marketing department, IT and security.

Third parties sharing

We may transmit your personal information, only where strictly necessary and on a need to know basis, to the following third parties:

(a) companies that provide us products and services (authorized), such as: While(1) Software, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook, Push Engage, Mailchimp, Omniconvert,

(i) media agencies, such as those that organize promotional campaigns or those that administer ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO website;
(ii) market research services: analysis, advertising, strictly for ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO needs;

(iv) IT systems providers and support, including the archival of emails, telecommunication providers, back-up and recovery services in the case of catastrophes and cybernetic security services.

(b) companies involved with the normal functioning of our website, if they do not offer us a specific service.

(c) other third parties, such as authorities and public institutions, accountants, auditors, lawyers and other external consultants, whose activities need this data or if we are compelled by law to share this data.

Additionally, we may share your personal information to third parties if:

If you give us consent to make such sharing possible;

To individuals that prove they are legally acting on your behalf;

Wherever ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO’s legitimate interest to manage, grow and develop the business is viable:

If we sell the business or part of the business, we may share your personal information to potential buyers, with the purpose of maintaining the business’ continuity.

If ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO or a substantial part of their goods is acquired by a third party, seeing as the personal information processed by ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO will be part of the transferred property.

If we are compelled by law to share a certain type of information, in the case of a legal solicitation from governmental officials, or in the situation where we are compelled to respect the national security requirements, the application of law or prevent illegal activity.

(e) to respond to any complaints, to protect our rights or the rights of a third party, to protect the security of any individual or to prevent any illegal activity; or

(f) to protect the rights, property or security of ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, our employees, clients, providers and other individuals.

Some of these recipients (including our affiliates) may use your data in countries that are not part of the European Commercial Space. Please see the list below for more details about this aspect.

Restrictions regarding the use of information by third parties

Any third party with whom we share your personal information with in conformity to what was stated above are limited (by law and also by contract) in their capacity to use your personal information, only for specific purposes stated by us. We will always ensure that any third party with whom we share your personal information with is held accountable to the confidentiality and security obligations, in conformity to our signed contracts with them, and applicable law. That being said, to avoid confusion, this accountability can not be applicable when the sharing of this data is not our decision.

With the exception of the detailed situations listed above, we will never share, sell or rent your personal information to third parties without notifying you and, depending on the case, obtaining your consent.

Transfer of information outside of the European Union

Your personal information may be processed by our personnel that operates outside of SEE, other members of our group or some third party data operators for the purposes mentioned above.

If we share any personal information about you to such entities outside of SEE, we will take adequate measures to ensure that the recipient will protect your personal information appropriately, in conformity with this information notice. These measures include:

– in the case of a service provider with their headquarters in the USA, closing a standard contractual accord with them, approved by the European Commission, or making sure that they are part of the Privacy Shield program (for further details https://www.privacyshield.gov/welcome); or

– in the case of service providers from other countries outside SEE (including Japan), closing a standard contractual accord with them, approved by the European Commission

More details about the steps we take in order to protect your personal information in such cases are made available to you, by request, by contacting us (see section 9 below) at any time.

What rights do you, as a user of ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO, have?

Regulation recognizes a series of 8 important rights for the data subjects (the burden of respecting and enforcing these rights is on the operator):

  1. Right to information – art.13 and 14 GDPR. This allows the data subjects to know, at the time the information collection takes place, how their data will be used, whom they will be shared with or transferred, what rights the data subjects have in regards to the information processing etc.
  2. Right of access to data – art.15 GDPR. They allow you to obtain from us a confirmation if personal information related to you is being processed or not and, if it is, access to said data and other useful information.
  3. The right to data deletion – art.17 GDPR. Allows you to obtain from us the deletion of personal information related to you, without unjustified delays. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as how some data may be processed to offer the public the right of information, processed for statistical purposes or archival, processed to abide by a legal obligation or that we process them for enforcing or defending a right in court.
  4. The right to data correction – art. 16 GDPR. Allows you to obtain from us, without unjustified delays, corrections or additions to incomplete personal information that is related to you.
  5. The right to restrict data – art. 18 GDPR. This is a temporary right. In some cases, when we, for example, make the decision to delete certain data (we no longer need the personal information for processing) and the deletion of the entire data, you can send us a letter to oppose this deletion, if you need this data to enforce, exercise or defend a right in court. Following such a request, we will freeze the data, stopping the processing procedure for a specific period of time.
  6. Right to data portability – art. 20 GDPR. You have the right to receive personal information data that is related to you, and which you provided to the operator (who processes it on the basis of a contract or your consent, through automated means) in a structured and updated format which can be read automatically, and giving you the right to transmit this data to other operators, without hindrance from our part. In other words, personal information will be offered to you, in a structured format, and you can decide to download or send it to a different operator.
  7. Right to oppose – art.21 GDPR. You have the right to oppose, for example, the processing of your personal information, when it is processed for means of direct marketing. To exemplify how you can exercise this right, we have to mention, for example, that in all newsletters belonging to ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO (regardless if the newsletters simply offer information or if they promote ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO services or products) you will always have the option to unsubscribe. We offer this option in absolutely all situations, regardless if the law compels us or not (not all emails from us can be considered direct marketing), because we feel it is important that your interaction with ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO to last only as long as you want.
  8. The right to not make the object of a decision based exclusively on automated processing, including the creation of profiles, that produce juridical effects that pertain to data subjects or it affects them in a similar significant manner.
  9. The right to file a complaint with the National Authority of Supervision of Personal Information Processing. B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, Sector 1, postal code 010336, Bucuresti, Romania. +40.318.059.211 / +40.318.059.212, anspdcp@dataprotection.ro.

Please consider the following:

Period of time:

We will try to respond to your solicitation within 30 days and we can prolong this period for specific reasons, depending on the complexity of your request. In all cases, if this period is extended, we will inform you about the extension and the reasons that led to it.

Access restriction:

In some cases, we may restrict access to all or some of your personal information because of legal engagements. If we refuse your request to access, we will inform you about the reason of refusal.

Without identification:

In some cases, it may be impossible to search for your personal information depending on the identification points that you provide in your request. In such cases, if we can not identify the personal information data, we are in no position to conform to your request to exercise your legal rights described in this section, with the exception in which you provide additional information which allows for your identification. We will inform and provide you with the possibility of offering such additional information.

Exercising legal rights:

To exercise your legal rights, we kindly ask you to use any of the methods of contact listed above.

In view of exercising these rights of information, access, rectifying, restriction, deletion, opposition and/or transfer of personal information data, we provide you with two options:

A secure online module, detailing your personal information associated with your account, which contains verification mechanisms for your identity, within our reference system.

Verification of your identity as the owner of a personal information data may require you to provide additional personal information, within reason, limited to the activity of confirming your identity.

This additional information will be kept temporarily, for a time adequate to our declared purpose. You can verify your data here: https://ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO/date-personale/

In the case where you do not have an account or you do not wish to create an account in order to use the online tools we have put at your disposal for managing your personal information, you have not successfully used the tools we have at your disposal on the website or your authentication failed, you can send us a written request, which should contain a detailed and clear description of the right you wish to exercise in regards to the protection of personal information, at email address: dpo@ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO


ARONIA-CHARLOTTENBURG.RO makes it their mission to protect your personal information against loss, wrongful use, sharing, modification, unusability, unauthorized access and destruction, and takes all reasonable measures of precaution in order to protect the confidentiality of such data, including the use of adequate and technical organisational measures. Organisational measures include physical access to our headquarters, personnel training and locked physical folders in our storage lockers. Technical measures include encrypting, passwords for access to our systems, usage of SSL security certification for encryption of data in transit, etc.

The transfer of personal information happens over the internet. Although we focus all of our attention into protecting your personal information that you send us, the transfer of information between you and us through the internet is not foolproof (it is possible that the terminal you use may be monitored by a third party, for example, without us being able to do anything about it). As such, we can not guarantee the safety of your personal information sent through the internet. Please understand that any transmission is a risk on your behalf. Once we receive your personal information, we will use strict procedures and security characteristics in order to prevent unauthorized access to it.

Changes to information notice

We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to modify our confidentiality practices and, actualise and implement modifications regarding this information notice at any time. For this reason, we encourage you to always come back to this notice. This document is valid from the date of release highlighted at the top. We will treat your personal information in a manner compatible with our confidentiality notice at the time of collection, with the exception where we have your consent to treat it differently.

Contact information

Please send us your questions regarding the protection of personal information or any requests in exercising your legal rights at the following:

Phone: +40751148001
Address: Charlottenburg, Nr.2, Timis

We will investigate and try to resolve any request or complaint regarding the use or sharing of your personal information.
If you are unhappy with our answer, you can submit a complaint with National Authority of Personal Information Processing Supervision.

You can find more information here:


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